[CQ-Contest] Looking ahead to IARU

Michael Dinkelman mwdink at eskimo.com
Thu Jul 1 11:16:08 EDT 2004

Hello All

Looking ahead to the IARU, it looks
like we'll be doing a 2 operator operation here.
(Which sucks in some ways because, to be
competitive, you are forced into High Power
and Mixed mode... neither which I care for but
that's a different issue. :>)

Nearly all of my limited Multi's from home have
been one radio/one op at a time.

With the ten minute band/mode rule. What is the
best way to maximize a 2 operator effort if
a second radio is available? Do you normally make
a list on another band or mode that eventually
makes it worth breaking to that band/mode? Or do
you try and listen to the same band/mode (sounds
dangerous) and fill up the running op's bandmap?
Am I missing another strategy?

Gotta learn something new - teach me....

dink, n7wa

p.s. I am considering the WRTC team concept thing too

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