[CQ-Contest] Looking ahead to IARU

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Thu Jul 1 17:04:00 EDT 2004

I let packet fill up the band map and use the second op to spot stuff on
the other bands.  Don't just fill up your own band map, spot everything
on the other bands to keep the world interested... this is especially
important if 10m opens, and maybe even on 15m if conditions are bad,
spot everything to let the rest of the world know there is activity up
there and it may help attract even more.

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> Hello All
> Looking ahead to the IARU, it looks
> like we'll be doing a 2 operator operation here.
> (Which sucks in some ways because, to be
> competitive, you are forced into High Power
> and Mixed mode... neither which I care for but
> that's a different issue. :>)
> Nearly all of my limited Multi's from home have
> been one radio/one op at a time.
> With the ten minute band/mode rule. What is the
> best way to maximize a 2 operator effort if
> a second radio is available? Do you normally make
> a list on another band or mode that eventually
> makes it worth breaking to that band/mode? Or do
> you try and listen to the same band/mode (sounds
> dangerous) and fill up the running op's bandmap?
> Am I missing another strategy?
> Gotta learn something new - teach me....
> 73
> dink, n7wa
> p.s. I am considering the WRTC team concept thing too
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