[CQ-Contest] Rent-A-Shack

Tom Osborne w7why at charter.net
Sat Jul 3 20:36:09 EDT 2004

From: "Ron Notarius" <
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Rent-A-Shack

Rent a QTH is one thing.  But rent a complete operating station
including operators?  With all due respect... if they're shack is so
good, why aren't they operating it themselves as themselves?  Am I
missing something here?

Well, is it legal??  If so, there's a chance to make some money on ham
radio.  Set up some stations all around the country and rent them out
for contests.  Charge $n.n per Q or something.  Get some big guns in
there and make a few bucks off your ham ticket.

Even better, just hire a bunch of guys to operate for you.  Just stay
home and let some dudes operate the contest at a rented station with
rented hams using your call.  Connect to the station with ICQ and chat
with them while they are operating for you.

Does it seem like there is something missing here?
Tom W7wHY

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