[CQ-Contest] Rent-A-Shack

Randy Thompson, K5ZD k5zd at charter.net
Sun Jul 4 00:38:18 EDT 2004

Gee, I think the WP2Z station (and others) do the rent-a-station thing now.
Why would that not be legal?

My station available.  Make an offer!


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> Rent a QTH is one thing.  But rent a complete operating station
> including operators?  With all due respect... if they're shack is so
> good, why aren't they operating it themselves as themselves?  Am I
> missing something here?
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> Well, is it legal??  If so, there's a chance to make some money on ham
> radio.  Set up some stations all around the country and rent them out
> for contests.  Charge $n.n per Q or something.  Get some big guns in
> there and make a few bucks off your ham ticket.
> Even better, just hire a bunch of guys to operate for you.  Just stay
> home and let some dudes operate the contest at a rented station with
> rented hams using your call.  Connect to the station with ICQ and chat
> with them while they are operating for you.
> Does it seem like there is something missing here?
> Tom W7wHY
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