[CQ-Contest] Writelog LPT1 CW keying

Chris Tran ZL1CT zl1ct at gm7v.com
Sun Jul 4 06:27:45 EDT 2004

Hello all

As part of our ZL6QH set-up, I've been trying to use LPT1 CW keying with
Writelog 10.47E, running under XP Pro (SP1) on a Compaq Evo 600c laptop.
None of the published information on the Internet helped. I'm not a software
or hardware engineer, so this problem took me about 6 hours to fix, and I've
detailed what I did on my website   www.qsl.net/gm3woj/  - you may or may
not find that my solution works on your PC, and I've given the usual
disclaimer(s) on the web-page. Maybe I was just lucky and what I've done is
not the most elegant solution, but it seems to work !


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