[CQ-Contest] WRTC-Style Team Challenge - Two Days to Register!

Ward Silver hwardsil at centurytel.net
Wed Jul 7 13:52:28 EDT 2004

Just a couple of days left to register your team for the WRTC-Style Team
Challenge (www.wwdxc.org) - all it takes is an email to me with your team
operator calls, cool team name, and callsign you'll be using in the contest.

Three minor clarifications on the rules...

1) You can use any logging program you want and use any of its features,
including Super-Check-Partial
2) You don't have to follow the IARU Region I band-plan if you're not in
Region I.
3) The power limit for the teams is 150 W to comply with the contest's Low
Power definition.

Have fun and I hope we have good summertime conditions for everyone!  PS -
Don't forget that it's mid-winter in the Southern Hemisphere and they have
their best low-band conditions of the year - brave the QRN!

73, Ward N0AX


Belgian HF Devils - ON4CCP and ON5ZO - (Team call OT4R)
K1JN and AJ1M - (Team call NW1E)

Poor Boys from Way West Texas - N5DO and KE5OG - (Team call N5DO)

Vraka Men  RELOADED - 5B4AFM and 5B4WN - (Team call M4A)

Team Empanada II - LU7DW and LU1AEE - (Team call not yet specified)

Giant Mountains Contest Team - OK1QM and OK1NR - (Team call OK1NR)

Team VECTOR - VE7FO and VA7IRL - (Team call VE7FO)

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