[CQ-Contest] Boundaries Between ITU Zones 6/7/8

Richard DiDonna KE3F at prodigy.net
Thu Jul 8 07:52:33 EDT 2004

That's certainly your perogative, but a casual 
contester sending the wrong exchange and a full time 
participant, cognizant of both the rules and 
boundaries, sending the incorrect exchange is 

But feel free to do what every you feel is correct.

Rich KE3F
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From: "Nat Heatwole" <nat at ajheatwole.com>
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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Boundaries Between ITU Zones 

>> Exactly.  Who cares about the map.  Its what they 
>> to you is what you log, not what you think their 
>> to be.
>In that case, maybe I'll send Zone 42 the whole 
>Nat WZ3AR
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