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Thu Jul 8 12:01:49 EDT 2004


This Competition is designed for the IARU HF Championship contesters (10-11 July 2004).

1. WHQS is intended for awarding those who make the highest numbers of QSOs/HRDs with: 
* IARU Member Association stations (in the Contest, they sign the report and the abbreviation of the organisation
they represent, e.g. 599RAC, 59PZK, 599JARL, 599DARC). 
* NU1AW (e.g. 599IARU).
* Members of the IARU Administrative Council (e.g. 599AC). 
* Members of the Executive Committees of the three IARU Regions (e.g. 599R1).

WHQS participants may log QSOs/HRDs on various bands and in both modes, e.g. you may work NU1AW and every other HQ
station twelve times: (1) CW/160m, (2) SSB/160m, (3) CW/80m, (4) SSB/80m, (5) CW/40m, (6) SSB/40m, (7) CW/20m, (8) SSB/20m,
(9) CW/15m, (10) SSB/15m, (11) CW/10m, (12) SSB/10m.

2. Award Categories:
(A) Single Operator CW,
(B) Single Operator SSB,
(C) Single Operator MIX (CW/SSB),
(D) Multi-Operator Single Transmitter MIX,
(E) Single Operator SWL MIX.

3. Please send your applications with log extracts on or before 31 July 2004 to:
MK QTC, ul. Wielmozy 5b, 82-337 Suchacz-Zamek, Poland; eMail: qtc at post.pl

4. Competition Awards will be issued to the three top contesters in each category.
Participation Awards will be issued to the remaining contesters. The Award is free of chage, but please
send 3 euro or 3 USD or 5 IRC's to cover the postage. Questions may be sent to: qtc at post.pl.

5. Competition results will be published in the September issue of the MK QTC and on its web site:
http://qtc.radio.org.pl/. You will also find there, in the Calendar of Events, a revised list of expected HQ stations.

Sylwester Jarkiewicz, SP2FAP
Editor & Publisher, MK QTC

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