[CQ-Contest] interesting phenomena?

Rex Maner k7qq at netzero.net
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In the 70's from W7RM we were able with 2 rigs on 15 M to work within 15 Khz
(KC for us old timers) at the same time,  One antenna was at 170 ft. and the
other was on the side of a bluff that was vertically separated by aprox 300
ft with about the same horizonal spacing. (This is what brought about the
single signal per band rule..)

Chip K7JA now was running   JA's and the other station was calling stations
and cq's with the other antenna pointed at So. America and Caribean.  We
could easily call and not cause big problems at 3 to 5 Khz.   Both stations
were S-Line and Running full power amps.

SOOOO  it is possable to do but takes the right location and antennas.   I
know of a situation that an old   AM'er who was dead set against SSB,  being
phone patched across town to another station that was retransmitting this
guy with a BBIIGG tx  ( estimated at 24 KW ) on SSB on the same freq that
the Phone patching station was operating on.   It really upset the die hard
AM'er that his buddies kept telling him he was on SSB.

73  guys and rembember anything is possiable..


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Did you listen to them working DA0HQ and calling
CQ at the same time on the *same* band?

Hi Jeff,
as you wrote, what I mean is that I heard them at the same time.....

Anyway let's suppose I 'm wrong.....

Considering that all usual big M/S (like @ir4x,where I experienced it) have
two rigs at RUN position which allow to work new mults and new fresh meat on
the same band, and moreover  let's suppose you haven't multiple sigs at the
same time,  I wonder how can they pick up calls and hear something on TX-2
while trasmitting on TX-1 using same or different ants(remote ants not

In last CQWW2003CW I did it at RUN pos and I was able to hear only when TX-1
was listening too.

In other words are you able to erase, not completely but decently, your TX-1
signal 10khz far away from your TX-2 in order to hear something that isn't
your RF???

I 'm pretty interested in this because it would be great for an SO3R. I also
talked with some friends that worked at a big multi-multi stn (I3MAU-well
known during 1980/1990) but they didn't find a soultion.

Anyway SCC, as you can see in 2004 EUHFC rules is trying to fight against
multiple sigs at the same time on the same band.......so this phenomena at
least exist.


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