[CQ-Contest] IARU HF Championship: Identical Name of 2 (or 3) Radio Societies

Kazunori 'Icko' Suzuki ja1bpa at icko.jp
Tue Jul 13 10:37:01 EDT 2004

Dear contesters,

We operated 8N1HQ during the IARU HF Championship.  During the contest,
we worked ER7HQ (Moldova HQ station) and XX9ARM (Macau HQ station), both
of which sent out "ARM" as the contest exchange.

In fact, we have realized that the society name for Moldova, Macau
and Monaco are all "ARM".  Our question is whether the organizer's
software can properly count the two identical contest exchanges "ARM"
as different multipliers when we submit our Cabrillo file.  Obviously,
our logging software cannot tell the difference and we are concerned
about it.  Had we better put something like "ARM (Moldova)" or "ARM
(Macau)" to flag the difference?

If a similar question was posed and answered in the past, I would
appreciate if anyone could kindly send me a personal e-mail and let me
know where in the ML archives I can find the related discussion.

Thank you for your assistance.


Icko (JA1BPA)

Kazunori 'Icko' Suzuki, Ph.D.
E-MAIL: ja1bpa at icko.jp
WWW: http://www.icko.jp/

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