[CQ-Contest] CQ Zone 16/17 - a clarification

Tim Makins, EI8IC contesting at eircom.net
Fri Jul 23 03:48:50 EDT 2004

Following an enquiry from  Roger D Johnson <n1rj at adelphia.net>, I have been
investigating the dividing line between CQ Zone 16/17 in UA9S/T. Most of the
ham loggers and zone lists, including CQ's own errror-filled list on their
web site put UA9S in CQ zone 16 and UA9T in CQ zone 17. However, information
recently received from Art RX9TX <rx9tx at esoo.ru> says that this is not
correct, and that both UA9S and UA9T are in CQ zone 16. There is actually no
dividing line within the Orenburg oblast, and callsigns prefixed UA9S and
UA9T can be anywhere within the region.

He goes on to say:
<quote>Now I'll try to explain why all UA9S,T and UA9W use to say they all
CQ  zone  17.  Mentally  zone  16  is  a EUROPEAN zone. So if an Asian
station (note that all UA9's are in Asia) says he/she is in zone 16 it
makes  the receiving station to hesitate. That's why we all persist we
are  in zone 17, though CQ web site says we are in zone 16. By the way
no one of contest sponsors penalize us for that :)</quote>

73s Tim EI8IC

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