[CQ-Contest] CQ Zone 16/17 - a clarification

Art RX9TX rx9tx at esoo.ru
Fri Jul 23 09:31:09 EDT 2004

 Hello EI8IC,

 Friday, July 23, 2004 Tim Makins, EI8IC wrote to CQ-Contest at contesting.com:


TME> I have been investigating the dividing line between CQ Zone 16/17
TME> in UA9S/T. Most of the ham loggers and zone lists, including CQ's
TME> own  errror-filled  list on their web site put UA9S in CQ zone 16
TME> and UA9T in CQ zone 17.

This is not true. That's what CQ WAZ rules say:

Zone 16. Eastern Zone of Europe: UR√UZ, EU-EW, ER, UA1, UA3. UA4, UA6,
UA9 (S,W). US, UC, UO, and R1M (M V, Island)

Zone  17.  Western Zone of Siberia: EZ, EY, EX, UA9 (A, C, F, G. J. K,
L. M, Q. X) UK, UN-UQ, UH, UI and UJ-UM


As  you can see UA9T is not mentioned at all. As long as we use to say
we  (UA9S,T,W)  are in zone 17, and logger developers agree with that,
CQ WAZ awards sponsors should take it and correct the zones boundaries

TME> CQ  zone  17.  Mentally  zone  16  is  a EUROPEAN zone. So if an Asian
TME> station (note that all UA9's are in Asia) says he/she is in zone 16 it
TME> makes  the receiving station to hesitate. That's why we all persist we

 73...Art RX9TX        23-Jul-04 13:23 UTC

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