[CQ-Contest] RE: Meaningful Contest Exchange

Shelby Summerville k4ww at arrl.net
Sat May 8 08:47:28 EDT 2004

Mike Tessmer" <mike.tessmer at hillmangroup.com wrote: "Imagine the fun of
explaining to "Joe Casual Contester" how you'd love to work him but first he
has to go and register with the ARRL or whoever so he can get a "code" to
send you.....especially on CW!"

As a "Joe Casual Contester", especially on CW, I wholeheartedly agree!!
IMHO, creating anything that reduces the number of "Joe Casual Contesters",
is a step in the wrong direction? What difference does it make if a logging
program already knows what the exchange will be? After all, isn't that one
of the reasons they were written that way? I was once told that 97% of the
participants couldn't care less about who won? If that's actually the case,
contesting should be made simpler, to participate in, for the majority?
Isn't contesting supposed to be fun? I know of very few things, that I
consider difficult, that I have fun doing!

C'Ya, Shelby

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