[CQ-Contest] WWYC at Dayton

Chris Hurlbut c_hurlbut at adelphia.net
Tue May 18 13:00:33 EDT 2004

Actually WWYC is over 400 members!!!

-Chris KL9A
WWYC #12

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 13:43, K9YO-Cedrick W. Johnson wrote:
> Howdy-
> First off, we would like to say thanks for the support and fun times at
> Dayton this year! We've grown leaps and bounds every year, and without the
> support and encouragement  of the contesting community, we wouldn't be able
> to grow as much as we have.
> With that said, this year I was supposed to bring WWYC membership forms. I
> dropped the ball (actually forgot to order wax sticks for the printer here).
> So, there were a lot of people asking about WWYC and who we are, how to
> join, etc. Here's a brief blurb from our website, and if you were at Dayton
> and are interested in joining, or your son/daughter was at Dayton and
> expressed an interest in joining, visit our website at www.wwyc.net
> About WWYC
> World Wide Young Contesters (WWYC) is an amateur radio contest club that was
> created in November 1999. The club was created from an idea of a few teenage
> contest friends, OZ1AA, LZ5AZ, 9A6XX, YT7AW, SM3WMV. The whole point was
> simple and clear, to gather together and encourage all young HF or VHF
> contesters around the world, and also to encourage them to become more
> active and more competitive in contesting. WWYC has grown since 1999, from a
> group of roughly 10 hams to over 300 members. What is most important is that
> our members have established strong friendships and created unforgettable
> moments with collegaues, as well as overcoming great challenges and
> rivalries which has taken our membership past hurdles they never thought
> they would pass.
> Our club was founded and remains mostly based on our mailing list, where we
> usually exchange ideas and thoughts on contests, our contest plans or other
> topics of a fun nature. This list is something each real WWYCer reads and
> actively participates in. For those members who can't get enough of
> contesting, you will usually find them in our WWYC chat channel on Internet
> Relay Chat (IRC). The WWYC chat has grown quite a bit since 1999 and is a
> realtime forum for member interaction and fun times. 
> WWYC Mailing list:
> http://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/wwyc
> WWYC IRC Chat:
> Server: irc.radiochat.org
> Port: 6667
> Channel: #wwyc
> If you're interested in joining WWYC, there are NO DUES. Just participate
> and make it known that you are a member of WWYC. You can join one of two
> ways:
> 1) Go to our website at www.wwyc.net and click on the Join Us button
> 2) If there is a problem with the site, send an email to me and I will get
> your information pointed to the right person. k9yo at cedrick.net
> 73 and C U in the pileups,
> Fred, K9YO
> WWYC #42
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