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wn3vaw at verizon.net writes:
>>Actually Yuri, rumor has it that Ten Tec is going to counter the new Yaesu &
ICOM rigs sometime soon.
It will be three Orion's in a blister pack!<<
You might need three in case the first and second quits on you. Quite 
rational solution. :-)

>>Seriously, I don't understand your continued animosity towards the Orion in
particular and Ten Tec in general.  While I don't own one yet, I have had
many opportunities to use one from a local ham, both in casual operating and
in contest situations, and I've never had a problem with it.  For that
matter, outside of a few minor tips the owner showed me (which I would have
caught on to quickly), I found operating the Orion to be very intuitive,
unlike some of the recent offerings from the Big Three. <<

More seriously, and I don't want to start flame wars, but your statements 
deserve response, so here I go. 
I have no animosity against anyone, I love everybody. When I waited 3 months 
for super contest radio, paid $3.6k, I expected radio tailored for contesters 
as it was advertised. When I started to hook up microphone and using radio, I 
gradually discovered problems and drawbacks I found not worthy of $3.6k 
"super" radio. I posted review on my web site, with intention to bring the problems 
to TT and other's attention, with hope of them realizing what needs to be 
improved. I emphasized that this is my personal, contester's opinion. Other 
reviews praised the radio, I was mildly disappointed and I was hoping that this 
responsive company would address the issues. Instead marketing manager jumped on 
me that I don't need PTT and maybe radio is not for me. Then there were few 
personal attacks and ridicules of me (not discussing the merits of problems) 
after which I quit TT reflector. If you and everyone else is happy with Orion, 
then enjoy it, you may ignore concerns I have raised, they might not apply to 
you. One can go back to archives and follow the threads to get the picture. If 
you find need to study the AGC system and other features of Orion intuitive, 
then enjoy it. I posted factual findings on my web site, they were not continued 
animosity, they were done once and if anyone considers this animosity, then it 
is their problem. 

>> And I don't
understand your complaints about ergonomics; a color display would have been
pretty, but other than that, I never ran into any of the concerns you

Ergonomics means functionality of controls, layout, display, etc. (I would 
have prefered radio that fits inside of carry-on luggage, rather than 
"impressive" large box with lot of empty space). Again I specifically mentioned my 
dislikes and problems with some of the menu sequences, and it is precisely listed 
on my review, anyone can check it at www.K3BU.us, if there is something false 
or inaccurate, please bring it my attention. I will verify it, and if in error, 
I will correct it. They are not complaints, they are facts (my review) that I 
found detrimental to this caliber of radio. (Look at the list of fixes since 
introduction and what kind of problems were fixed. This stuff should have been 
debugged before ship to customers. But that is TT problem or policy.) Again 
if you are happy the way Orion performs, be happy and ignore my "complaints". 
ON4UN wrote glowing review, enticed some to purchase radio based on his 
opinion, only to have it sent back. In private emails, they expressed appreciation 
for my review, finding it similar to their concerns.

>>I think the "how many people" comment about returns deserves some
quantification.  First, how many is "how many?"  Second, let us not forget
that no matter how well a rig is designed, your dream rig is someone else's
nightmare, so matter what, there will always be returns.  And third, let us
not forget that Ten Tec, to their credit, has the most liberal return policy
around.  Naturally it gets taken advantage of (in both senses of the term!)<<

About 8 people came up to me to tell me about returns. Some did it within 30 
days, some decided to keep it, but had to return for repairs later, because 
software reset and reboots did not help. Ask TT how many rigs get returned, they 
will have better statistics.
When you get my dream rig, I would like to hear from you what is the 
nightmare in it. I will give you 60 days to return. TT does direct marketing and 
thanks to 30 day policy people have chance to examine the rig, at home, if they 
cannot do it at the store, like others do. What else do you expect? Sell the cat 
in the bag? In my case 30 days expired before I had chance (due to QRL) to get 
my hands on it, so I am keeping it and hoping for improvements.  

>>Finally, I think that crack about the "Ten-Tec hallelujah" reflector was
uncalled for.  Just because someone doesn't agree with you, that does not
mean that they are a zealot for the other side.  Careful reading of the
reflector posts over the last few months would clearly show that while most
Orion owners are very happy, there have been problems (what rig doesn't have
problems in the production run?), there have been returns to the factory,
and some have gotten their money back.  You don't have to "lurk" there to
find this out.<<

Fact is there is a bunch of guys on TT reflector that keep singing praises 
that "Emperor has a new cloth" even if he doesn't, and I referred to those as TT 
Cult Followers. For their blind praising of anything that is TT, and 
attacking those who dare to mention deficiencies. Not in civil discussion of problem, 
but personal attacks of type "how dare you." I received quite a few personal 
emails thanking me for the review and also stating that they would not post 
that on the reflector, for reason of not enticing personal attacks (which they 
experienced in the past). For that reason I also quit TT reflector (second 
time), I am not looking for fights, I am looking for civil exchange of ideas, 
suggestions, so we can all benefit. 
I will have computeradio reflector and will welcome any comments, suggestions 
and problem reports. I realize with increasing complication of hardware and 
software there are always weird situations when weird things that can pop up. 
I, as designer and manufacturer would only welcome ideas for improvement, 
especially from those who know a thing or two.

It is not a matter of agreeing with me. It is the case that Orion was 
advertised as THE contester's radio. Having gone through pile of various radios and 
knowing what decent radio should have, I expressed MY opinion about it. I am 
not very happy what I got in MY radio for the money I paid for it (if the cost 
was $1200, I would have been more "happy"). If you or anyone else is happy, 
then more power to you. Read my concerns, decides if it is important to you or 
not, be happy and enjoy it. Simple as that. 

So let's leave it at that. I have no intention of any further "complaints" 
about Orion or any other radio. I finally decided to design what I think should 
be in top notch contester's or DXer's radio and you will see the results of my 
efforts. If you will like it, tell others, if there are problems or ideas for 
features or improvements, please tell me and I will assure you that I will 
welcome it, respond to it and do anything to make you happy. I will not tell you 
that radio is not for you or "you don't need PTT." 

One thing that bothers me with reflectors, is that often someone posts his 
opinion and instead of discussing the merits or facts, there is a storm of 
personal attacks and ridicule. My intention is to help, to share with others. If 
that is not welcome and bothers some reflector policemen or other zealots, I 
will gladly QSY and save myself from rising blood pressure. It is only a hobby 
after all, so let's enjoy it. So, if I am wrong, please point it out and lets 
discuss it. 
I will reduce my amount of "reflectoring", it takes time (I am two finger 
typist), gets uncalled for personal attacks. I will rather spend time developing 
my Dream Radio One and make some people happy and maybe even make a buck. So 
stand by, for more to come soon. Dream Team is shaping up nicely, more wizards 
are joining and we will be looking for more of your dreams that we missed or 
that we can incorporate into the black/silver box. 
Back to the drawing board (computer really).

Peace & 73  
Yuri,  www.K3BU.us
www.computeradio.us the home of "Dream Radio One"

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