[CQ-Contest] Subjective equipment reviews ??

Ken K7ZUM Ken.Knopp at verizon.net
Tue May 18 23:18:39 EDT 2004

Does this mean that since K3BU is going to design, manufacture and market the ultimate
DX, contest radio directed at the high end Amateur Radio D.X.-er, contester, etc.,
and that now he will be competing against the best of the best of what the top Amateur
Radio manufactures have to offer ( Ten-Tec, Icon, Yeasu,etc.)  Does this mean the he will 
refrain from offering subjective reviews of his now competitors equipment ??

and to think that i was the one that gave the "challenge"

73  De K7ZUM

honored to be called a Ten-Tec "cult worshipper"  by Yuri !!!

Personally, I got preview of what's cooking and got reinforced in my strategy 
and design goals for "Computeradio DR1". I see what is available, where the 
technology is going, I know what I and other's want. After I was challenged by 
one of the Ten-Tec Cult worshippers to design better radio, I decided to 
embark on the task of putting together that DREAM radio I and YOU have been 
dreaming about. The project has started, design is in progress, the DREAM TEAM 
coming along very nicely, so soon you will be able to enjoy the radio station 
that will outperform the rest for a reasonable cost. Those interested can check 
the web site www.computeradio.us for the latest info and any comments and 
requests for features are welcome.

73 de K7ZUM
Ken in Gres"HAM"  Ore

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