[CQ-Contest] LotW - Needs More Participation

Mark Perrin mperrin at ordata.com
Thu May 20 19:22:52 EDT 2004

Amen!  And for lots of practical help, with step by step receipe, check out 
the work Don AA5AU has done on his site   www.aa5au.com  and look at the 
LOTW Beta Tutorial.  All his info is great, except this was for the beta 
testing before LoTW went live - but Don id's the beta and live items well.

I admit to emails with Wayne N7NG/1 to get over some items, but he was a 
champ, and the LoTW works - as others have said, I have confirms on LoTW 
where have no card.

Note, that even after the application is sent in, it still has to be 
reviewed and approved by DXCC staff - that part is not automatic.  Rest is.

73, Mark N7MQ

At 01:23 PM 05/20/2004 +0000, Charles W. Shaw wrote:
>         KI9A said:
>>It also needs to be a little (LOT) less complicated for the casual guys 
>>to use.
>         This 69 year-old OF (with a CK of 55) doesn't consider it 
> complicated!  My 9th Band DXCC is now pending thanks to some LoTW 
> QSL's.  However, I would suggest to anyone that is just starting in on 
> LoTW:  PRINT OUT the complete instructions, follow them one at a time, 
> and mark off each step as it is completed.  Makes it easy!  The younger 
> computer generation will find that it's really a snap.
>         Once you have sent in your computer-age QSO's, you are then able 
> do make many useful lists and generate all kinds of useful statistics 
> about your operations.  And this doesn't COST ANYTHING.  Try it, you will 
> like it!
>73, Charles - N5UL
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