[CQ-Contest] LotW - Needs More Participation

Courtney Judd - K4WI k4wi at earthlink.net
Thu May 20 19:28:34 EDT 2004

Blake and all, with all the hoopla on the LotW thought I would make an
effort to get my logs on line. went to the web site and started reading.
Didn't take long to decide that I wouldn't be doing any uploading anytime
soon. I have 100K qso's over the years as K4JYO, K4WI and NA4W all in one
big data base with DX4WIN. Somehow all those have to be seperated out and 3
different certificates applied for. Think I will stick to if you want a qsl
send me an SASE and you will get one back. My 2 cents 73's Cort K4WI

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