[CQ-Contest] LotW - Needs More Participation

Noel Walsh Ei2JC ei2jc at hotmail.com
Fri May 21 06:57:16 EDT 2004

......Well ARRL have no problem taking my ($62) subscription on line !

Whatever about a copy of my license,in these days of identity theft I'm not
sending copies of other official documents such as drivers lic or
passport,never know where
they'd end up.


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> I wonder..
> HOW do institutions that I transact financial business with on the
> (like my bank) manage to do all that stuff without a snail mail original
> registration?
> I seem to recall that they have me connect to their server, and by using a
> SECURE 128-bit encryption system , have me supply the information they
> to get me validated to look at my personal finances.
> Same with DoD!  They use some type of on-line authentication system.
> Why is THAT acceptable for MORE important things while the ARRL requires
> snail mail??
> I dunno. Maybe I'm just not hip to the way things are done.
> K3FT
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