[CQ-Contest] LotW

K3FT k3ft at starpower.net
Fri May 21 21:58:20 EDT 2004

I'm kinda amazed why all the concern about a small, small, small possibility
of someone spoofing the system (like some small, small amount of people
haven't 'spoofed' the DXCC award system with pasteboard QSL's, already.

IT's JUST a ham radio award - albeit a VERY popular one and one that has a
large and dedicated following (me included!)  but lets keep it in
perspective here when looking at the necessity, reasonableness, or
requirement for a cumbersome intialization procedure as the ARRL requires.

After all..  we're talking about a ham radio award program, for goodness
sake, NOT a classified Department of Defense nuclear weapons information


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