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> I'm kinda amazed why all the concern about a small, small, small
> possibility
> of someone spoofing the system (like some small, small amount of
> haven't 'spoofed' the DXCC award system with pasteboard QSL's,
> <Grin>)

First the way I understand it there is quite a few attempts at
'spoofing' the system.  Second it is a matter of scale.  With electronic
spoofing once you break the system you are home free and can send 1000s
of eqsls.  Where with paper QSLs it takes hours to spoof a single QSL.
As a computer security expert I can tell you with trusted systems it is
all or nothing.
> IT's JUST a ham radio award - albeit a VERY popular one and one that
has a

That is so lame!  That statement reduces the importance of the work
many, many hams has spent years working on.  Too many hams this is more
important in many ways than there jobs.  You say they need to get a
life.  I say this is there life and who are we to say it isn't important
and deserves the respect of others in the hobby.   

> large and dedicated following (me included!)  but lets keep it in
> perspective here when looking at the necessity, reasonableness, or
> requirement for a cumbersome intialization procedure as the ARRL

Come on it takes 15 mins or a few bucks.  Give me a break!
> After all..  we're talking about a ham radio award program, for
> sake, NOT a classified Department of Defense nuclear weapons
> site!

You are right, LoTW is much harder to make secure.  I know I have worked
on both!


Darryl Wagoner - WA1GON
Past President - Nashua Area Radio Club
"Evil triumphs when good men do nothing."  - Edmund Burke [1729-1797]

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