[CQ-Contest] LotW and Casual Guys (was Needs More Participation)

R Johnson k1vu at tmlp.com
Sun May 23 13:29:08 EDT 2004

I certainly agree with your assessment that "Contesters and dx-pedetions are only 20% of the
picture" and "The *casual* guy is the key to LOTW's success".

Unfortunately in my experience, the LoTW interest level of the 80% that make up that
"casual guy" pool is unexpectedly low.

Of the 2 "Local Area Clubs", Club "A" has 2 LoTW users (including me) and Club "B" has 0 users.

A few general observations that I been able glean thru conversations are:
1- Almost none Log at all "Electronically".
2- A few keep a paper log.
3- Almost none operate in contests, HF, VHF, 10-10, SMIRK and the like.
4- A few work Special Events and submit paper logs by USPS.
5- A couple chase 10-10#'s and one plays with collecting US Counties.
6- About 25% have HF capability, most with poor antenna systems.
7- About 75% have VHF/UHF FM Mobile/Base capability, NO CW or SSB.
8- About 99% have VHF/UHF FM HT's, but both club repeaters are dead most of the time.
9- Most don't know, care, or work for DXCC. FEW expect to ever reach it.
10- Most don't belong to the ARRL
11- Both clubs have had their ARRL membership rate drop below the level for ARRL Affiliation

My "Contesting Club", YCCC, has a great number of LoTW Users. I don't know the exact percentage,
but I see a large number of club calls on the LoTW, YCCC, and this reflector.

One of my big disappointments with LoTW is the lack of use by the VHF/UHF/SHF contesting
community. I don't why. I have uploaded my VHF contest logs from 1990 to date with very
dismal results. The logs are there "Electronically", but not the commitment (my assumption).

With the lack of a "Domestic QSL BURO", I thought the VHF+ community would have jumped on
the LoTW bandwagon for VUCC and WAS conformations. STRANGE !!!

Just a few of my thoughts on how the "Casual Guys" might impact on the future of LoTW.

73 Bob, K1VU

At 11:29 5/20/2004 , Alfred J. Frugoli (KE1FO) wrote:
>Jamie Dupree wrote:
> > Now we just need more people to register, upload their
> > logs and push on.  Contesters and DX-peditions are the
> > key to LOTW's success.
>I disagree.  The *casual* guy is the key to LOTW's success.  Contesters and dx-pedetions are only 20% of the picture and certianly don't activate every entity that I want a qsl for.
>It sure is a nice way to deal with a large volume of qsls, such as contesters or dx-pedetions generate, but those qso records are no good unless all the casual guys you worked also upload their logs.
>73 de Al, KE1FO
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