[CQ-Contest] 160M in CW WPX

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Mon May 24 10:56:57 EDT 2004

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n4zr at contesting.com writes:
It's been a few years since I last did the CW WPX, and I didn't have a 160M 
antenna then.  The question, basically, is whether it's worth spending time 
on 160 and, if so, what sort of schedule people tend to observe?  Do you go 
from 40 or 80 to 160 during the night at intervals, or???

It's like going to the dentist - pulling one QSO at a time. Considering the 
summertime, scoring structure, multipliers counting once regardless of band, it 
is not your most favorite band. 
Typically people drop down to 160 on the hour, work untill pileup dries up 
and never come back (all band types). Those that are "sentenced" to single band 
160, of course "enjoy" working anything that cares to show up. With lower 
sunspots and chopped off activity on higher bands, there will be more and more 
visitors to 160. Double points help a bit, but not a big deal. Worth dropping 
down, being fresh meat, working the pileup till dries up and back to more 
productive bands.

73 and GL

Yuri, K3BU.us
www.computeradio.us - home of Dream Radio One

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