[CQ-Contest] TARA TOURNEY RESULTS for 03/04

MRBILL1953 at aol.com MRBILL1953 at aol.com
Mon May 24 16:10:42 EDT 2004

After many months of waiting we finally have the long awaited announcement  
of who took this year's honor's of becoming TARA's Four Season's Contesting -  
"2003/2004 Tour'ney Winner." This was no easy feat as many of you know and  
that's the way we wanted it. The top winner had to participate in four  
distinctively different digital contests, testing his skills to the max.  So, it's 
with great pride that I announce that "Anthony  J. Heatwole, N3FX, of Damascus, 
MD" has emerged as the overall TARA  Tour'ney Winner!  Do you think you've seen 
that name somewhere before,  you're right! Tony is the manager for the TARA 
"Grip Dip" (Digital Grid Square  Contest). 
Please, join me in CONGRATULATING Tony, N3FX, as the very first winner of  
this award. if you'd like to E-mail him directly please send your messages to:  
_tony at ajheatwole.com_ (mailto:tony at ajheatwole.com)    On  his path to winning 
this award Tony had some very serious competition and  below I've listed the 
complete "Top 10" list for all of you to review.
N3FX - 1276400
YV5AAX - 1082890
W3HF - 743550
ZL3JT - 516100
SV1DVY - 466560
VE9DX - 412080
WM2U - 349170
K0HW - 367010
N8PSK - 311310
KE4KWE - 284250
If you'd like to see the complete list of participants and how they  
finished, please go to:  _http://www.n2ty.org/seasons/tara_tourney_results.html_ 
I would like to thank ALL of you that participated in this year's Tour'ney  
challenge. We've learned a lot this year and the help that we received from 
many  of you was greatly appreciated. 
I also need to thank Ernie Mills, WM2U, for his complete dedication to this  
program we now have in place. This year Ernie brought to life an extensive  
collection of contests and awards that I'm sure many of you will enjoy for  
year's to come. If you'd like to see a list of his contests go to: 
(http://www.n2ty.org/seasons/tara_seasons.html)  and  you'll see that we kept him very busy! 
For a complete review of TARA's "NEW" Awards Program I ask you all to  please 
check out the beautiful work that Ernie did in developing our "TARA-PX"  & 
"TARA-Grid" Awards at: _http://www.n2ty.org/seasons/tara_awards.html_ 
(http://www.n2ty.org/seasons/tara_awards.html)    If you're looking for that ultimate 
challenge I think you'll quickly  see that TARA has it for you. Earn your awards 
and collect some very  impressive wallpaper for your shack. And, the results 
are always kept online for  the world to see!  
In closing this message out I want to thank the many fine Club's,  
Organization's and News Group's that helped us promote all of  our contests this year. 
Without your help our success wouldn't have been  what it was. Please, feel 
free to use our TARA News Groups to promote your  digital events and 
announcements. I hope you'll help us again this coming  contest season and we'll see if we 
can't kick this all up a notch or two!
Thanks Again!
Bill Eddy, NY2U
President of TARA
_ny2u at n2ty.org_ (mailto:ny2u at n2ty.org) 

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