[CQ-Contest] RF and wireless mice?

Stephen M. Murphy murphys at comcast.net
Tue May 25 19:15:10 EDT 2004

I have been using a 27 MHz mouse and keyboard since late last summer and
have had no RFI problems on TX or RX.  I had expected some problems while
running high power, but haven't had any.

I've really gotten to like using these things, and never want to go back to
using "hard-wired" stuff.


Steve N8NM

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> Hi all,
> As our cat has chewed through my kids' computer's mouse cord for the
> third time, I'm contemplating getting a wireless mouse.  Looking at
> the specs of the Microsoft wireless mouse, it runs on 27 MHz.
> I wonder if anyone has used one of these in the vicinity of the ham
> shack, and if so, any RF problems in either direction?
> Tnx,
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