[CQ-Contest] K2/100 vs. MP

John Thompson jwt105 at yahoo.com
Wed May 26 09:49:37 EDT 2004

I have had a K2/100 vs. an MP(original) now for 3
The Elecraft is a good FD/ DXpedition rig.
It is NOT (and was not designed for) a primary contest
1.  SWR foldback too aggressive, can be on 20M and
drive will cut back to 60w into linear (AL82)
2.  Have to buy a $3000 linear to use this rig
3.  No manual adjustment on VOX
4.  DSP has too many keystokes to be used in a
contest, especially notch on/off on SSB (1 button on
FT1000MP, often even that I forget to turn off after I
need it).  DSP very aggressive, but can be adjusted.
5.  No passband tuning, my old IC-720A even has this
6.  Will not drive linear, my MP and even FT100 had no
trouble at all
7.  Output on SSB is arund 80W PEP, really really will
not drive linear.
8.  Tuning rate either too fast or too slow, not
differentially keyed as in ICOM/ Yaesu
9.  If it sees a bad SWR, fully shuts down final until
power output level control is cycled, this can be a
10.  That MP is a fantastic rig, is this rig really
supposed to be better?

Positive points:
-internal keyer is really nice
-fastplay on buttons on built-in keyer are really fun
-like auto-repeat on keyer built in
-it is cute
-built-in digital SWR meter is fun
-my apologies to all the K2/contesting advocates
John K3MD

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