[CQ-Contest] K6RO HF SO2R contest station For Sale

Craig Gullickson n6ed at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 2 05:13:58 EDT 2004

Slightly off topic but for anyone that is thinking
about going big-time, here is your chance to jump in
with 2 feet!!


For Sale:

Complete K6RO HF SO2R contest station with crank-up
tower and all antennas.
This is being sold as a package only, absolutely no
partial sales.
Buyer must make their own arrangements to remove
antennas and tower as well as equipment
Redondo Beach, CA

Station consists of the following:

1 FT-1000D HF Tranceiver (factory serviced late 2002
and stored since)
                  2nd VFO CW filter (maybe others)
                  DVS-2 Digital Voice Recorder
                  SP-6 External Speaker
1 FT-1000D HF Tranceiver (factory serviced 1997)
                  2nd VFO CW filter (maybe others)
                  SP-5 External Speaker
1 Alpha 87A HF Amplifier (low hours)
                  External fan installed
1 TX-489 Heavy-duty US Towers 89 ft self-supporting
tower with motor drive (7 years old)
                  RMC-1000 Remote Control Unit
                  MRF Mast Raising Fixture
                  CX-5 Coax Standoff Arms (one per
                  Thrust Bearing
                  Base Plate
1 Yaesu G-2800SDX Heavy Duty Rotor with mast clamp and
control box
1 K5RC 4130 Chrome Moly Mast 20' x 2" with 3/8"wall
1 Force-12 Mag-515/410 antenna (5 el 15m and 4 el 10m
on same boom) 
                  DXB-2 Aztec balun (K6NA)
1 Force-12 Mag-620/340 antenna (6 el 20m and 3 el 40m
on same boom)
                  DXB-2 Aztec balun (K6NA)
1 Force-12 EF-180A antenna (rotatable dipole 80m)
                   2 relay switchbox w/control unit
                   DXB-2 Aztec balun (K6NA)
1 Cushcraft D3W WARC antenna (rotatable dipole on
                   DXB-1 Aztec balun (K6NA)
1 Custom-built SO2R Station Console (K6LD design)
1 Array Solutions WX0B SO2R Master controller
2 600-01 Dunestar 6-Band Automatic Bandpass filters
2 Dunestar 6-Band Automatic Band Decoders
                   2 Band Decoder to Yaesu cables
1 Dunestar Remote Control Unit
1 Dunestar 2-way Headphone Audio Switch box
2 Top-10 6-way Coaxial Relay Units (switching matrix
constructed for 8 band operation)
7 Top-10 2-way Coaxial Relay Units (switching matrix
constructed for 8 band operation)
4 Heil Pro-Set HC-4 Boom Mic Headsets (3 need plastic
pivot repair, 1 in good condition)
1 FS-1 Heil Foot Switch
3 Heil Pro-Set Adapters AD1-Y
1 Astron RS-35M Linear Power Supply 13.8V
1 Bencher Chrome Butterfly Paddle CW Key
1 Bencher/MFJ-422B Combo CW Key
1 MFJ-989C Versatuner HF Antenna Tuner
1 MFJ-434 Digital Voice Keyer
1 WM-1 Autek Research HF Power Meter 2KW
2 I.C.E 402X BCB Highpass Filters 
1 YA-1 Bencher Lowpass Filter 5KW
1 MFJ-411 Pocket Morse Tutor
1 TNC Kantronics KAM All-Mode
1 TNC Kantronics KPC-3
1 Packet Cluster (tm) software package + manual
1 TM-241A Kenwood 2m FM Transceiver
2 MC-45 Kenwood DTMF Hand Microphones
1 V-2S Hy-Gain 2m Vertical antenna + mast
1 MFJ-108B Clock 24 hour
1 MFJ-1118 Power Strip
1 Alpha-Delta Delta-4 4 Position Coaxial Switch
1 Daiwa 2 Position Coaxial Switch
1 Davis Weather Weather Wizard III Weather Station
1 Rand McNally Framed World Map
Hundreds of feet of RG-8 Coax
Hundreds of feet of rotor cable
Misc coaxial jumpers
CW keying cables
Lots of various cables/adapters/patch cords

Photos of most of the equipment can be found on
Equipment is clean and in good condition, non-smoker
Most all manuals and original boxes included.

Price is $20,000 firm.

Contact Craig N6ED n6ed at yahoo.com for inquiries and
purchasing arrangements.
Serious buyers only, please.

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