[CQ-Contest] recommendation for "quiet" computer monitor

Robert Katz rob.katz at thelegacycenter.com
Thu Sep 2 19:28:26 EDT 2004

A while back I asked for recommendations for a quiet computer 
monitor, and I want to summarize what I found out.  Many people 
recommended LCD monitors to solve the problem -- nobody had any 
complaints about them.  Some CRT monitors that people recommended 
were the 21" KDS and the Envision 710.  I ended up going for a 
generic, 15" LCD monitor.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

   Rob, KA1ARB

>I'm upgrading my station (including a new TS-850 thanks to your 
>recommendations), and the next item to get is a quiet monitor for my 
>computer.  My current one is an NEC Accusync, a nice monitor but it 
>generates all kind of noise in my radio.
>Do any of you have a quiet monitor that you've recently bought? 
>Maybe even an LCD one if it's not too expensive?  I could just do 
>the "buy one, test it, return it, try another..." method, but I'm 
>hoping some of you have found one that works.

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