[CQ-Contest] A song for the CW Sprint

Rich Dailey, N8UX (2) redailey at alltel.net
Thu Sep 2 20:40:45 EDT 2004

>I found this song. Not much of a song. Maybe I'm just getting too old.

I agree - that one is not one of their better cuts.  But wrap your ears around
a copy of "Computer World",  close your eyes,  and imagine you're back
in 1977-1980,  drinking gallons of Coke, typing machine code on your
Commodore Pet,  Apple II, trash-80, or Osbourne - trying to draw that sine wave
on the screen as fast as possible.


And don't forget to tell mom she can keep her recipes on the computer also!

Ok, time_warp_mode(off);

Now,  how can I grab samples of the computer voices in the song "numbers" so
I can use them in N1MM Logger for the exchange? -hi

(Still the operator of my pocket calculator)

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