[CQ-Contest] Advice about HF amplifiers

Chris Tran ZL1CT zl1ct at gm7v.com
Sat Sep 4 20:50:47 EDT 2004

Saturday 4th September 2004

Hello all

Your advice about HF amplifiers would be appreciated by the team at ZL6QH
(www.zl6qh.com). I'm posting this to the cq-contest reflector rather than
the amps reflector because we are interested in your experiences with
amplifiers under 48-hour contest conditions. We want to purchase a used
linear amplifier for ZL6QH which is :
Commercial design
Output capability in 800W - 1200W range
160m - 10m (WARC useful but not essential)
230V AC
Uses 3-500z tubes
There appear to be quite a few current and older models of amplifier which
meet these criteria, but we need to know their reliability under contest
conditions. Availability and cost of spare parts is another key
consideration of course.

Thanks - 73

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