[CQ-Contest] Minute of Silence in the Sprint

Ellen White, W1YL w1yl at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Sep 10 19:54:03 EDT 2004

How you do it is not important - what is important is that you continue to
remember both Jim and Bill for being so special and by remembering that do
your doggone best in the most sportsmanslike manner!

Sincere 73.

Ellen, W1YL/4 "ln" - proud mom of K4OJ

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> This is a reminder that many participants in the CW Sprint tomorrow night
will be taking the opportunity to remember two of our recent Silent Keys who
were Sprint enthusiasts, K4OJ and W4AN.
> In past Sprints, some ops have chosen to use the name of a
recently-departed contester, or contester's wife. This time we have two to
remember. Ugh.
> I was involved in the discussion that led to the suggestion of a minute of
silence at the beginning, and have seen several excellent suggestions on
improvements to the idea, such as calling AN and OJ for a bit between 2359
and 0000z. I think I will do this, then go silent for the first minute of
the contest. I have not decided whether I will use a name other than my own.
I understand that several people in last night's practice Sprint used the
name "ANOJ".
> Participation in this remembrance is strictly voluntary, and I won't hold
it against anyone who decides not to observe the minute of silence, or
forgets, or doesn't know about it, or whose clock is out of sync.
> But I would like to encourage the likely suspects who have a shot at
winning to observe the silent minute to minimize the influence on the
outcome of the contest. You know who you are.
> 73,
> Doug K1DG
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