[CQ-Contest] Tennessee QSO Party Update / final post

Ny4n at aol.com Ny4n at aol.com
Sat Sep 11 22:04:54 EDT 2004

>     Last post for the TnQP. Hope everybodys has lots of fun. I am assuming 
> that Doug had no takers on the flagship station K4TCG, and he and friends 
> will be operating from Cheatham County. Thanks to everybody for showing 
> interest. 

   Also, if you have a camera laying around, please take some pictures of 
your operation. 
> TCG member Becky, AF4QB, is heavy into scrapbooking, and would like to take 
> some photos and add to a scrapbook page for the TnQP. Any kind of photos 
> will do, but if you send prints, make an extra set. Will not be able to return. 
> Please send to P O Box 73, Dickson TN  37056. 
> >> 
>> >>> http://www.k4ro.net/tcg/tqp/tqp04_rules.html
>> from 1800 September 12 to 0100 September 13 2004,
>> or from 1 pm Sunday afternoon to 8 pm Sunday evening, 7 hours total
>> Here is what we have so far:
>> W4TYU          Jean                  Knox          CW
>> W4PA              Scott                Knox           All modes, Part Time
>> W4TDB             Vollie                Dickson       All modes
> KE4OAR          Chuck              Loudon          All modes   At least part 
> time
>  KI4FZT              Bill                    Roane           Mobile in the 
> area of  Roane
>  NO4Q               Tom / Steve       Humphreys     Mostly SSB, FM
>  N4ZI                  Bill                    Tipton            All modes, 
> part to full time

   WA4JA              John                Williamson // Davidson     VHF 

   K4HSM              Greg                 Knox

   Wo4o                 Ric                     Robertson                 
SSB, CW, RTTY Part Time

   K4AMC              Jim                     Davidson                      
2100-0100 z All Modes
   K4TCG               Doug and Friends  Cheatham                   All 
Modes, 100 point bonus for each contact.
> >> K4LTA / M
>> I plan to again operate mobile CW on or around 14,040 khz and 7040 khz plus 
>> 146.55 mhz simplex on two meters FM. I will monitor this frequency and put 
>> out a call as I have time in between CW contacts.  Ruby, K4UPS, will 
>> chauffeur our van for me.  We plan to begin our excursion in Johnson County, then 
>> proceed through Carter, Unicoi, Washington, Sullivan, Greene, Hawkins, 
>> Hamblen, Cocke, Jefferson, Sevier, Knox, Loudon and if time permits through 
>> Monroe, McMinn, Meigs, Rhea, Roane, Morgan and Anderson.  I understand the bridge 
>> across Watts Bar Dam is closed for repairs, so we may not have time to make 
>> the circle through Decatur and Rhea County.   
>> NY4N / M
>> We have finally got the route down, I think. With AF4QB, Becky, At the 
>> wheel, we plan on activating the following counties, in the order in which they 
>> are listed:
>> (1) Montgomery. (2) Stewart. (3) Houston. (4) Humphreys. (5) Benton. (6) 
>> Carroll. (7) Henderson. (8) Decatur. (9).Chester. (10) McNairy. (11) Hardin. 
>> (12) Wayne. (13) Lawrence. (14) Lewis. (15) Maury. (16) Hickman. (17) 
>> Dickson. (18) Williamson. (19) Cheatham. (20) Davidson
>> 20 counties is a big stretch, and not for sure if we can make them all. 
>> Mostly CW on 20 and 40 meters, with the VHF/UHF frequencies monitored also

      KY4L/ M and KD4ZDR
      Jim (KY4L) and Ronnie (KD4ZDR) Bogard will operate as KY4L/m in eastern 
middle Tennessee this weekend in the Tennessee QSO party, 2 pm to 9 pm 
Eastern time Sunday, September 12. We've tried to include some of the more needed 
Tennessee counties, as indicated on the County Hunters website, on our 
itinerary. Operation will be primarily CW, about 40 kHz from the bottom of the 20-m and 
40-m bands.
We will start in Anderson County and then travel through Morgan, Scott, 
Fentress, Pickett, Overton, Clay, Jackson, Macon, Trousdale, Smith, DeKalb, Cannon, 
White, Warren, Van Buren, Sequatchee, Bledsoe, Rhea, Meigs and Roane, as time 

> >>      Good Luck to everybody playing. 73  Jeff NY4N

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