[CQ-Contest] Don't we need to change the sprint protocol?

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Fri Sep 17 19:24:07 EDT 2004

> On 17 Sep 2004 at 8:26, Bill Coleman wrote:
> > Right as he finishes, someone else calls. I sit there sending NR? NR?
> > NR? over and over, but they both ignore me. Soon the station is gone,
> > and I've got a busted QSO.
> First, if you need a fill, you've got to be *quick* on the trigger
> about asking.  Any pause is going to be interpreted as an "R" or dit
> that wasn't heard.
> Instead of sending NR? NR? NR?, get the guy's attention by sending a
> string of dits:   ...............NR    Shouldn't need the question
> mark.
> But I'll bet the problem is more the pause before asking for the
> fill...at least that's often the case with me.

Okay....I give up.

I've read a couple of responses so far and am more confused than when Bill
first posed the question.

It seems to me the guy Bill needs the fill from is the guy who now owns the
frequency and would be passing along his info the the guy who called over

All Bill needs to do is QSX for the appropriate exchange info needed.

Am I missing something here?

dale, kg5u

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