[CQ-Contest] Sweepstakes - phone (but also CW)

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 19 00:11:16 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm sure there'll be lots of activity for SS this year. Lots of musical
chairs, too.

I'm going to VE6JY for phone, K9JS is at VE4VV, VE4VV will be at VE4XT,
who'll be at WB0O?, KE3Q will be where he always is, WP2Z is likely booked
and of course someone is likely heading to W5WMU.

Where will you be?

I ask as I'm again writing the report for QST and arrl.org on phone SS.
Randy, K5ZD or someone else will be doing SS CW and we'll all need your
help. Please keep us in mind when anything interesting happens, good or bad.
The stories we write can only be as interesting as the material we're able
to flesh out.

If you're travelling far for SS, let me know. If you've had station
improvements specifically geared for SS, let me know too (unless it's a
state secret, of course). If 'them gold inlays burn your lips when they melt
out' (hello, W6ISQ) or if Jeeves gets stuck in the tulip poplar stringing
your bobtail, please let me know (after you rescue Jeeves, please).

If you've got some snarky witticism (witness K9ZO's "QRP is not an efficient
way to turn AC into RF") or other little tidbit, please pass it on.

If your story is about CW, I'll make sure it gets to the right party.

Thanks, 73, and good luck in SS!


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