[CQ-Contest] Sprint Strategy: SO2F

Eric Hall, K9GY k9gy at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 19 09:05:44 EDT 2004

Not sure but the Sprint rules might need some revision...

When a station is using two radios and all they are doing 
is going back and forth between lets say 14.225 and 7.225
then is that really in the "spirit" of Sprint? 

To me that is more like Single-Op, 2 Frequency (SO2F) operating? 

Maybe I am a slow learner, but I finally figured out why 
some people have hundreds of band changes in four hours, duh!

The rules cover the QSYing when STAYING in the same band but 
do not cover anything when CHANGING bands to satisfy the QSY rule.
If you come back to the SAME frequency you left have you really QSYed?
The rules cover this by saying "at least one subsequent QSO is made 
on a new frequency" with the new freq being on the other band. 

I for one am not for big government or too many rules but 
at least this is a good point of discussion.


73, Eric 

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