[CQ-Contest] Honda 2 kW generator , CQP

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Tue Sep 28 07:54:10 EDT 2004

On Sep 27, 2004, at 1:28 AM, Haddon/N6ZFO wrote:

> Does anyone have experience with the Honda
> EU2000i generator?


I bought one a couple of years ago to support my camping trailer. The 
eu2000i is the largest capacity "suitcase" generator. It is capable of 
2000 watts output for 30 minutes (which is just barely enough to turn 
over the A/C in my trailer), or 1600 watts continuously.

The best feature of the eu2000i is the eco-throttle. Since this is a 
engine-generator connected to an inverter, it modulates the engine 
speed according to the load. If you lightly load the generator, the 
fuel will last a long time. You can't get 2000 watts out of the 
eco-throttle for any length of time. For maximum output, you'll have to 
switch the eco-throttle off.

If you need more power, or need a 240volt circuit, you can bridge two 
generators together with a special cable. (Which seems like an 
expensive option to me)

If you buy another cable, you can also get a 12V output, but it is only 
good for about 10 amps. It is designed to charge a battery.

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