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Tonno Vahk tonno.vahk at mail.ee
Fri Apr 1 12:03:32 EST 2005

In recent WPX I actually started to say "We've worked before, Roger?"

I started to feel that it actually saves time compared to common thinking 
that just work them. That is due to the fact that actually some 80% of the 
dupes are real dupes and have worked you before. Those are just guys who 
probably do paper logging or just don't check their log and call you. There 
are also guys who call you before checking and probably find out right after 
that but don't start to abort the QSO and just log it.

At least after asking Roger most of the guys said either "yes, sorry" or 
"sorry" or "ok". There were ones who said that "no, you're not in my log" 
and then I happily logged them.

So as a result I actually save time (especially in WPX where QSOs with 
numbers are longer!!) plus I actually get some useful information about the 
psychology of callers, their logging habits, etc...

And, very importantly, you might save yourself some penalties and points by 
finding out about previously wrongly logged QSOs.


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>I always agree to leave only the new QSO in the log in these
> cases.
> Plus I clearly say I will remove the first QSO.
> Keep your logs clean.
> 73,
> Jukka OH6LI
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>> All,
>> I encountered an incident a couple of times this last weekend
>> during WPX SSB.
>> Once was on 10m SSB working an SA station, and he gave me
>> "sorry, worked
>> before".  I did not have him in my log (nothing close, but it
>> may have been a
>> "Senior Moment") so I asked him if I could work him again.
>> He said "well, uh, sure!"  We exchanged reports and went on our way.
>>  - Dupe for him, no penalty
>>  - New contact for me, no penalty
>> Simple!
>> Just work 'em all and move on.
>> 73!
>> Scott - KI5DR
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