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Kenneth E. Harker kenharker at kenharker.com
Fri Apr 1 17:52:31 EST 2005

On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 08:58:57AM -0600, Zack Widup wrote:
> In my final log submitted, yes.  I always keep the original QSO in my base 
> log.

I would not remove it from the "log submitted" either.  I don't see any
advantage to doing this, since in the event of a genuine dupe, you have
no idea which of the two QSOs you made the other station will or will not 
choose to remove.
> Say for example I work W1AR but log him as W1AA (I'm picking calls at 
> random, sorry if I used yours as an example). Then I work W1AA and tell 
> him he's a dupe.  He says no, so I work him and log him.

I never tell other stations that they are a dupe.  It's much faster to 
just work them and get on with it.  Even the "sorry, you're a dupe -- Oh, 
you're right, sorry!" kind of discussion can take longer than the contest 
exchange.  The only possible exceptions to this rule are (a) during 
Sweepstakes, because the contest exchange is so long, or (b) if the 
station is duping me for the third or fourth time and I want to avoid a 
fourth or fifth call :-) 
> This happened several times in ARRL DX SSB when I got going on a run on 
> Sunday morning.  People in the USA who aren't contesters want to "help 
> out" by giving me a few QSO's. They don't know USA can't work USA for 
> points in the contest. Some are so persistent it's faster just to work 
> them and move on.  Those are always inevitably the people who send me 
> cards wanting to confirm the QSO.

During Field Day one year, I spent an entire clock hour calling CQ on 
one frequency.  One station duped me eight times in that hour.
Kenneth E. Harker WM5R
kenharker at kenharker.com

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