[CQ-Contest] Barking up the wrong ARRL DX tree

Scott R. w4pa at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 4 16:00:48 EDT 2005

>I disagree.  The majority of the US does have a shot at winning the

We'll have to agree to disagree on this one.  The majority of the USA
and Canada does NOT have a shot at winning ARRL DX, either mode.  

>My thoughts are the same as yours...too bad, live with it.  It is
>possible to win the contest outside the Northeast if things go just
>your way as they did in 2001, when my station took first place low
>power US/VE in both the CW and SSB.  Both set the current records for
>that class.

Yes - if things go just your way - sure.  But going "just your way" is
not the same default condition as being in a geographically advantaged
area for a specific contest.

>For 2004 I did 40 only in both contests.  But, does anyone here
>actually think that I would have had any chance against a well
>equipped VE station who decided to go 40 SSB only?  His contest rules
>state, he can operate 7040-7100 and 7150-7300.  My contest rules state
>I can only operate 7150-7300. That's fair? 

But Bill - if the Canadian station is in VE5, then who is more
competitive?  You are, regardless of what the phone subband regs are.

If Canadian stations had dominated the ARRL DX SSB contest over the
past decade or two, I would concede the point.  They haven't.  I would
also posit that the below-USA-phone-band advantage for Canadians on SSB
is diminished at the solar maximum.

We can come up with any set of rules, but the ARRL DX contest is W/VE
vs. the world, not W vs. the world and VE vs. the world.    

Scott W4PA

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