[CQ-Contest] CQ WPX Contest Awards

Bill k6km at northvalleywireless.com
Wed Apr 6 01:05:27 EDT 2005

Tonno and others,

In my humble opinion, volunteering for a job does not mean that it's OK 
to do
a sloppy job. Steve has done a sloppy job and should be replaced....but who
will do it?

If YOU are unhappy with his performance, think about this.

The best EVER achievement from my station, signing NG6O, was in WPX 2003 
( I think)
with three superb ops, KE7X, WA6O and K2KW. Their score should have
resulted in something like #3 USA and #8 world in M2 class. I was 
ecstatic, the
ops were pretty pleased as well.

Several e-mails to K6AW and an in-person plea for recognition got me 
"Not my fault." "I'll try to do something."

Bullshit. Nothing happened.

 From my point of view, The ONLY reason for me to maintain a big contest
station is to induce top ops to come here do well in contests. It won't 
happen if
their efforts are not acknowledged.

WPX is a really fun contest and it deserves to be managed properly. That
isn't happening. Again IMHO, I can't think of anyone better than Steve
Merchant, K6AW, to find and designate a replacement WPX manager.

Are you there, Steve?

Bill K6KM / NG6O

AND for the ankle biters, no I can't do it for reasons you don't want to 


Tonno Vahk wrote:

>Unfortunately I have to agree that Steve is impossible to contact. I sent 
>him numerous e-mails last year trying to get my 2003 WPX UBN report. No 
>answer. I met him in CCF meeting in OH in January and he said that UBN is 
>available, just send email.
>Well, tried the whole January and February and March, several e-mails and 
>again nothing. It really damages the contest  if you are unable to get even 
>clear descriptions of the rules. It is not spelled out what the penalties 
>are, it is not sure what they check and if number is incorrect then who 
>loses QSOs, etc...
>Compare that to RDXC or EUHFC or EU Sprint organisation and it makes me 
>wonder why I even participate in WPX any more....

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