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ve6tn ve6tn at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 6 12:56:21 EDT 2005

To change the National awards down to regional awards will result in 
numerous top-10 lists.  Pretty soon hundreds can claim to be a top-10 

If we carry on the suggested logic to other competitions, then the Olympic 
committee could award numerous gold medals in every sport based on numerous 
factors, height, weight, ethnicity, disadvanted upbringing, etc.  Imagine 
how many 100m gold metal winners there could be!

There is something positive to be considered in the current ARRL way of 
choosing the plaque winners, in that it clearly defines a best-of-the-best. 
Eliminating that accomplishment by breaking it down into so many categories, 
waters down the achievements of those who have embraced every possible 
opportunity to win, exploited every rule, every edge, every sliver of 
advantage to achieve their highly competitive goal.

The ARRL DX Rules already recognizes accomplishments based on geography. 
Specifically the rules at 
http://www.arrl.org/contests/rules/2005/intldx.html under 8. Awards state:

8.2.2. Top single-band entries in each ARRL/RAC section and each DXCC 
8.2.3. Top single operator assisted entries in each ARRL/RAC section and 
each DXCC entity.

8.2.4. Top multi-operator entries (single, two and multi-transmitter) in 
each DXCC entity, US call area and in Canada.


So regional competition is already recognized.

Barry - VE6TN

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> From: W0uo at cs.com
> Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Let's change the ARRLDX rules
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> Bob's suggestion below is excellent and, in my opinion, is exactly what 
> the ARRL rules call for.  Amazing!! His suggestion points out that the 
> real problem is reporting the results in ways not recognized by the rules 
> of the contest.
> Other respondents have indicated that other contests have natural 
> advantages that are different from the ARRL DX Test and, accordingly, 
> suffer from the same skewed reporting.  The solution is the same.
> Jim
> W0UO/5
> Jim
> W0UO/5
> "k6xx at juno.com" <k6xx at juno.com> wrote:
>>Indeed, it has been interesting to read the different viewpoints.
>>Now, I'll present THE SOLUTION to this problem. It came to me on Monday 
>>morning, 21 February, while perusing the ARRL DX scores on 3830. It was 
>>the result of realizing that I had been soundly trounced by many stations, 
>>including _low power_ entrants, several of whom also got more sleep than 
>>The solution: eliminate all national (US/VE) awards. Recognize the winners 
>>in each ARRL Division and Section (including second, third, etc., places 
>>as appropriate). Do not emphasize the top national score, since it is only 
>>relevant regionally. (This does not mean eliminating national awards for 
>>DX, of course).
>>Think of it: those poor W1s need no longer suffer ignominious defeat at 
>>the hands of those horrid (fill in the blank: VY2s?). The highest scoring 
>>W1 gets the same certificate as the top VY2. Problem solved.
>>Bonus: us "third rate lids west of 90 degrees W longitude" likewise will 
>>now compete against similarly handicapped operators, with the regional 
>>high scorer receiving appropriate recognition. The increasingly unequal 
>>geographic/demographic effect is thus normalized. Elegantly simple!
>>Why hasn't this already been implemented? I'm "absolutely certain" this 
>>has nothing to do with the headquarters location of the ARRL (and CQ Mag?) 
>>in the Northeast corner of the US. Perish the thought.
>>Likewise, I'm "absolutely certain" that the noticeable decrease in ARRL DX 
>>enthusiasm from W6/W7 that I've observed over the past decade is simply an 
>>aberration, and not a byproduct of the drastically reduced effort/result 
>>ratio. I won't complain that there are far fewer casual local operators, 
>>and those that do get on, do so for fewer minutes; after all, this gives 
>>me more bandwidth to call those low-rate CQs toward the Pacific/East Asia. 
>>Well, after changing propagation forces the east coast to run Eu on 
>>another band, anyway.
>>ARRL DX (once my favorite contest)... change the format? No! Change its 
>>reporting and emphasize regional effort!
>>(My apologies to non-English speakers struggling to decipher my sarcasm)
>>73 de Bob, K6XX
>>-- "Robert Shohet" <kq2m at earthlink.net> wrote:
>>It has been interesting to read the different viewpoints in this 
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> Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 15:28:17 +0100
> From: Simon Pearson <m0clw at ftml.net>
> Subject: [CQ-Contest] WRTC Website - Temporary Fix
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> Hi guys,
> I've temporarily 'fixed' the WRTC2006 website issue with
> Firefox/Opera. I have only been able to verify that this works in
> Firefox, however, so any feedback would be most welcomed.
> Anyway, the temporary URL is:
> http://m0clw.shacknet.nu/~m0clw/wrtc2006/
> Yes, I know it's kinda long, but that's the best I could do.
> BTW, it was a 30 second fix and I decided to skip the intro movie...
> You will simply get the main content Flash movie :)
> 73,
> -- 
> Simon A. Pearson, M0CLW
> * Worldwide Young Contesters
> * UK Young Contesters
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