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W0MU-Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Wed Apr 6 16:06:32 EDT 2005

Everyone competing at the Olympics is playing on the same field or 
running the same track.  The Olympics would be a level playing 
field...Mano a Mano...less steroids et al.

The best of the best?  Hardly!  The best of those in the best location 
for a specific contest sure!

I was lucky to be part of a number of Multi-Multi's at K0RF and we 
waiting with baited breathe to hear just how bad we got creamed by 
W3LPL, N5AU,  and the other Multi's on the east coast.  One contest I 
recall the following ops; K0RF, W0UA, N2IC, K0GU, W0YK and W0ZV, if my 
memory serves me.  I guess those guys are all sub class operators?  Our 
goal as a team was to beat the previous years score and beat the west 
coast multi's.  K0RF had and has some pretty impressive hardware.

We all compete even with the  obvious inequities and we had a great time 
which I think was the point.  In the very best of times and conditions 
we in Colorado have a shot to win slim as it is..

If you want to win and live anywhere other than the east coast go to the 
Caribbean.  Running stations on 10m at rates of 300/400 an hour is 
amazing.  It makes the 60 qso grind it out runs here in the states very 

There will never be a way to equalize the contest.  Those in the north 
have to deal with aurora's and other odd propagation issues.  Those on 
the west used to run hours and hours of JA's, the list goes on and on 
and on.  It would be more fair to complete against division foes but 
even then there are issues.

It would be nice to recognize  outstanding efforts put in by  the 
propagation/distance challenged.


ve6tn wrote:

>To change the National awards down to regional awards will result in 
>numerous top-10 lists.  Pretty soon hundreds can claim to be a top-10 
>If we carry on the suggested logic to other competitions, then the Olympic 
>committee could award numerous gold medals in every sport based on numerous 
>factors, height, weight, ethnicity, disadvanted upbringing, etc.  Imagine 
>how many 100m gold metal winners there could be!
>There is something positive to be considered in the current ARRL way of 
>choosing the plaque winners, in that it clearly defines a best-of-the-best. 
>Eliminating that accomplishment by breaking it down into so many categories, 
>waters down the achievements of those who have embraced every possible 
>opportunity to win, exploited every rule, every edge, every sliver of 
>advantage to achieve their highly competitive goal.
>The ARRL DX Rules already recognizes accomplishments based on geography. 
>Specifically the rules at 
>http://www.arrl.org/contests/rules/2005/intldx.html under 8. Awards state:
>8.2.2. Top single-band entries in each ARRL/RAC section and each DXCC 
>8.2.3. Top single operator assisted entries in each ARRL/RAC section and 
>each DXCC entity.
>8.2.4. Top multi-operator entries (single, two and multi-transmitter) in 
>each DXCC entity, US call area and in Canada.
>So regional competition is already recognized.
>Barry - VE6TN
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