[CQ-Contest] Suggestions for Changes to ARRL DX Contest Rules

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Wed Apr 20 10:46:09 EDT 2005

Those who have been suggesting re-instituting a limited multi-band 
category for ARRL DX might be interested in the claimed scores and 
scores from the YU DX Contest this past weekend.  Their revised rules 
call for single band entries or higher band entries (10-15-20) or lower 
band entries (160-80-40).  The rules say that you can enter both higher 
and lower band categories.  I didn't figure out until I had already sent 
my log that this meant two separate entries.

The claimed scores so far don't show much enthusiasm for these 
categories.  Most of the lower band entries were also higher band 
entries.  So, it didn't bring lower band entries out of the woodwork and 
many of the higher band entries also send in lower band entries.  Maybe 
there were some higher band entries who were relieved that they didn't 
have to compete in an all band category.

It still seems to me that most people who don't do single band entries 
prefer all band entries.  To allow a limited number of bands in a multi 
band entry tends to discourage operating on the more marginal bands. 
Most contesters I know who enter multi band categories want to make a 
few QSOs (and mults!) on the marginal bands even if they aren't 
generally competitive on those bands.


John, K4BAI.

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