[CQ-Contest] Contest Support

Chris Pedder chris at g3vbl.co.uk
Wed Aug 3 10:04:22 EDT 2005

At 09:43 03/08/2005, M0CLW wrote:
>I think I'll continue trying to save my money to operate from a
>station from the Caribbean someday. *Not* spending money on magazine
>Simon Pearson M0CLW

whereas at 09:37 03/08/05, M0CLW wrote:

>OK, in which case - where can I find the results online? I am not a
>subscriber to CQ Magazine, I have no interest in becoming a
>subscriber (not to mention the fact that I cannot afford it) so
>where can I find the full results online?

so what you are really saying is not that you 'cannot afford it' but 
that you choose to spend your money in a different manner. CQ 
Magazine sponsors the contest, sets the rules (directly or 
indirectly) and decides how the results will be published; what's 
wrong with that?

I cannot speak for CQ Magazine but even though volunteers do a great 
deal of unpaid, and often unappreciated, work to produce the results 
the contests must, nevertheless, have a cost in terms of money or 
resources. CQ Magazine is a commercial operation which, presumably, 
hopes to turn a profit on its activities. They do not force you to 
enter their contests and they do not compel you to subscribe BUT if 
you want to see your call in print, subscribing is what you must do.

It is worth remembering that some contests are only open to 
members/subscribers (some RSGB contests come to mind unless they have 
changed) CQ Magazine has the right to run its contests as it chooses 
though if the administration upsets too many people, they will vote 
with their feet.

What it should not do is promise certificates/plaques and then fail 
to deliver them in a timely fashion... but that's another matter.   :)

Chris G3VBL/8P9EM

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