[CQ-Contest] Contest Support

Simon Pearson lists+1 at attenuate.org
Wed Aug 3 10:38:04 EDT 2005

Chris G3VBL said:
> so what you are really saying is not that you 'cannot afford it' but 
> that you choose to spend your money in a different manner. CQ 
> Magazine sponsors the contest, sets the rules (directly or 
> indirectly) and decides how the results will be published; what's 
> wrong with that?


> I cannot speak for CQ Magazine but even though volunteers do a great 
> deal of unpaid, and often unappreciated, work to produce the results 
> the contests must, nevertheless, have a cost in terms of money or 
> resources. CQ Magazine is a commercial operation which, presumably, 
> hopes to turn a profit on its activities. They do not force you to 
> enter their contests and they do not compel you to subscribe BUT if 
> you want to see your call in print, subscribing is what you must do.

I see your points. Yes, the worldwide contests are sponsored by CQ 
Magazine, but so what? I have never seen results published online. I 
could understand if the results were published in CQ Magazine a 
couple of months prior to the results being published online 
somewhere, so that subscribers get to see the results 'sooner than 
anybody else', I couldn't care less.

I'm also not denying the fact the organisers do a lot of unpaid, 
often unappreciated work, but that's the case with any contest isn't 

Let's refer back to other contests. For example, the Russian DX 
Contest. Who is this contest sponsored by? Are the results published 
in the Russian national journal before being posted to the 
exceptionally good Russian DX Contest website? I think not.

What about the Worked All Europe contest? The results are published 
online. What about the EU Sprint contests? The results are published 
online, and the website/results system is set to improve yet further 
thanks to the great work of a good [young contester] friend Royce M0RHI.

I don't care if the CQWW results are published in CQ Magazine a 
couple of months before they are published somewhere online, but the 
fact is, they ARE NOT. Not officially. Not at all.

If the aim is to get more youngsters into ham radio (and, in 
particular contesting, which is proven thanks to >600 Worldwide 
Young Contesters' members), then something has to be done. Like I 
said, I couldn't care if the results are published a month or two 
before in CQ Magazine so subscribers see the results first, but I 
want to see the results, in full, somewhere on a website. I want to 
know how I did.


Simon Pearson M0CLW
WWYC #452 | G6PZ CG

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