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Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at r66.ru
Wed Aug 3 10:55:17 EDT 2005

On the other hand in marginal conditions when DX station got your
call sign correct first time do not keep repeating your call again
when giving the exchange. That may make the DX station think he got
your call sign wrong.
Besides your would be wasting his and your time which is no good in
the contest.

73, Igor UA9CDC

> > I am relatively new to this sport, but when the DX station
doesn't repeat my
> > call properly, and calls QRZ, I will stay on frequency and hammer
> > unil I hear my call properly.  Sometimes this take N tries as the
> > hounds will try to brush you off.  But I stick with it.  I need
to hear my
> > call come back, cleanly, before I will move on.
> Why would he say QRZ if he has your call wrong?
> Do you give him a report even though he came back to
> and said your callsign incorrectly?
> You should not give him a report.
> If you give him a report you have to then try to get
> his attention again to correct the callsign because
> once he has your report he thinks the contact is good.
> So you will have to work the station again - although this wastes
> time and it might not be possible because of changing bands
> or if the station leaves the band or if the pileup gets bigger.
> The solution is to not send your exchange until the CQing station
> sends your correct callsign back to you - so it could go like this:
> 6tr: 5NN OR
> dx:  HC8N
> DX:  K5TJ 5NN KW
> 5TR: K5TR
> DX:  K5TA 5NN KW
> 5TR: K5TR
> DX:  N5TR 5NN KW
> 5TR: K5TR
> DX:  K5TR 5NN KW
> 5TR: 5NN TX
> DX:  HC8N
> By not sending your exchange but sending your call again you are
> letting the other station know that something is wrong.  And you
> a chance of getting him to send your correctly copied call - if you
> give him the exchange the op will have all he needs from
> you and will move on to the next QSO with your callsign logged
> incorrectly.
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