[CQ-Contest] Contest Support

Yuri Onipko va3uz at sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 3 15:27:16 EDT 2005

> What it should not do is promise certificates/plaques and then fail
> to deliver them in a timely fashion... but that's another matter.   :)
> Chris G3VBL/8P9EM

That is exactly what happens to some contests.
And then if you'll ask contest manager about them - you'll get the famous
answer "about volunteers", if ever you'll get an answer.
I, for instance, sent few e-mails to then NRRL contest manager  ( I see that
he is a subscriber to this list)  regarding SAC 2001 and got nothing in
return. Like I don't even exist. This kind of behavior forces people to
choose ... participate or not in this contest the next time.

And I agree with NC2N: CQ sponsored contests differ - CQ RJ RTTY, CQ WPX, CQ
WW, and WW160 - probably everything depends on a particular contest manager
and we don't have to blame all CQ magazine staff for that.

73  VE3DZ

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