[CQ-Contest] Contest Support

Alan Zack k7acz at cox.net
Wed Aug 3 18:31:22 EDT 2005

Jim George wrote:
> I don't understand how people who are contesters actually are complaining 
> about the sponsors while not supporting these sponsoring organizations.
> Jim George N3BB  

What do you mean by supporting the sponsors?  For the DX stations to participate 
in the contests should be enough support.  I have been a subscriber to CQ 
Magazine for more than 25 yrs and also to CQ CONTEST when it was being 
published.  All most of us is asking is that CQ Contests test results be posted 
on a web site as well as printed in the magazine so we don't have to keep a 
stack of magazines for years just to have a record of contest results.  As 
mentioned by others this should not be a big ordeal, all the info is in the 
magazine, just post a .pdf or word file, whatever, from the magazine on the web 
site for future reference.

And yes, it would be nice if certificates and plaques were mailed out in a 
timely manner.


Alan Zack
Amateur Radio Station K7ACZ
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Quality Engineer, The Boeing Company, Retired
Aviation Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Coast Guard, Retired

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