[CQ-Contest] Slashed-Zero - Please Don't

Simon Pearson lists+1 at attenuate.org
Wed Aug 3 17:14:50 EDT 2005

Ward N0AX wrote:
> Please do NOT use a slashed-zero character in your log!  This character may 
> or may not be translated to ASCII '0' by the log-checking software. 

Er, no Ward, I don't think you quite understand.

This is purely a font. In other words a typeface. All it's doing is 
showing an ASCII '0' (zero) with a slashed zero, so it's easily 
distinguisable between and 'O' (oh) and a '0' (zero).

It is *not* inserting the ASCII character for a slashed zero (alt + 
0126 on Windoze).

For clarification, install the font, and view the Cabrillo log in 
Notepad using firstly Courier New and then the ProFont typeface.

Simon Pearson M0CLW
WWYC #452 | G6PZ CG

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