[CQ-Contest] Slashed-Zero - Please Don't

David Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Wed Aug 3 18:43:57 EDT 2005

While there is an element of truth to what Simon says (sic), the problem 
Ward describes shows up more often than you think.

THe solution is very simple.  Cabrillo files are specified to be 
ASCII.  There is only one legitimate ASCII zero, and that is a character 
with a decimal value of 48, or 30hex.  Anything else is a graphics 
character, and these can vary all over the map.


At 05:32 PM 8/3/2005, Ward Silver wrote:
>Ah - viewing your log while using a slashed-zero font is a different thing.
>Since it doesn't change the character code in the file, that's OK.  Pardon
>me for my imprecision and/or misunderstanding of your original post.
>However, a number of folks have been observed to edit their Cabrillo logs
>and substitute the slashed zero character for the "true zero", which is
>ASCII decimal 060.  This is not OK and causes heartburn with the
>log-checking software or the admins.
>Here's how to use Microsoft Word to tell if a slashed-zero in your file is a
>"true zero" or just the way in which the selected font represents a "true
>zero".  Open the file (back it up, first), highlight the zero then select
>Insert followed by Symbol.  A table of characters will appear.  The "true
>zero" will be highlighted in the table between forward-slash (/) and the
>numeral 1.  If any other character is highlighted, you don't have a "true
>73, Ward N0AX
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> > Ward N0AX wrote:
> >> Please do NOT use a slashed-zero character in your log!  This character
> >> may or may not be translated to ASCII '0' by the log-checking software.
> >
> > Er, no Ward, I don't think you quite understand.
> >
> > This is purely a font. In other words a typeface. All it's doing is
> > showing an ASCII '0' (zero) with a slashed zero, so it's easily
> > distinguisable between and 'O' (oh) and a '0' (zero).
> >
> > It is *not* inserting the ASCII character for a slashed zero (alt + 0126
> > on Windoze).
> >
> > For clarification, install the font, and view the Cabrillo log in Notepad
> > using firstly Courier New and then the ProFont typeface.
> >
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